Zenfolio | Spencer Cox Photography | Selecting a Kickstarter Print


This is the general page for information on selecting a Kickstarter print. The process is quite simple:


  • Once you have selected your photo, you will need to contact me using the link at the bottom of this page.


  • On the contact page, you must supply me with four pieces of information: your name (the same one you used on Kickstarter), your email address, the title of the photo that you want printed, and your mailing address.


  • It would be wonderful if you can write the titles of 2-3 other photos that you were considering, just to help me gauge interest. Doing so is completely optional, but this information will help me improve the quality of my galleries.


  • If your reward includes more than one print, include the title of each photo in the "Subject" header. See the example below, for the image "Fjord Horse":



  • I need to have this information by July 31 so that I can spend the month of August preparing prints.


  • Images will be shipped in August, and they should arrive late August or early September (shipping will take longer for non-US buyers). If you purchased an acrylic print, I will be able to ship it earlier.



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