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JokulsarlonNoctFrom Jökulsárlón beach,
Southeast Iceland.

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"Noct" is my favorite image from Iceland.


In fact, "Noct" is the reason that I brought a drone to Iceland in the first place.


I had seen hundreds of images from Jökulsárlón lagoon prior to my trip, and they were all compelling — which was the problem. Jökulsárlón is an amazing place, but it's so well-known and easily-accessible that everyone takes the same photos there. No matter how beautiful the scene, you can only take so many unique photos of ice, black sand, and the ocean. 


Unless you take photos from an entirely different vantage point.


Three weeks before my trip, I realized that I could take an exciting, unique image if I took a photo of Jökulsárlón from above. To get the perspective I wanted, though, I needed to use a drone — one which was small enough to bring to overseas, yet could carry the highest-quality camera possible. I chose the 3D Robotics X8+, which I custom-modified to carry a Nikon A. It took a massive amount of work, but I ultimately got every part of the drone to work just ten hours before my flight left for Iceland. 


I am happy to say that "Noct" is the image that I had envisioned, but even more intricate.


I took a total of five drone flights over the course of four days at Jökulsárlón, more than at any other place in Iceland. And although several of the resulting images turned out well, this single photo was at a different level. I don't know if it's the composition — a perfect arch across the frame — or the bright blue icebergs in the sea, but I am convinced that there is something special to this image.


"Noct" stands as the most difficult photograph I have ever captured, as well as one of my all-time favorites. Even if this had been my only drone photo from Iceland, I still would have gone home thrilled.


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