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StormLíttilFrom Höfn,
Southeast Iceland

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One of my personal favorite photos from Iceland, "Líttil" stands as a reminder of the most amazing hour of lighting that I have ever witnessed. 


The title of this image — meaning "Little" in Icelandic — describes the echo of sizes depicted in the photograph. These full-sized farmhouses are utterly dwarfed by the nearby mountain, which rests quietly under the overpowering size of the approaching storm. 


Layers — like those I employed to compose this image — are crucial to depicting scale in photography. Without the farmhouses (and silhouetted trees on the left), this mountain would not look nearly as grand. And without the mountain, the otherworldly clouds in the sky could not have the same sense of scale or depth.


The lighting on the face of this mountain is rich, gentle, and realistic unlike any I have ever photographed before. Scale is one thing, but lighting is the single most important aspect of a good photograph. For me, the light in this image makes my entire trip to Iceland a success.


"Líttil" is a three-image panorama of 63 megapixels, so it still retains a tremendous level of detail at large print sizes. As such, I am offering it at 24x36 inches alongside my usual 16x24 size. Note, though, that this extreme resolution means that even the 16x24 print will be noticeably sharper than most.


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24x36, matted, framed, signed

Archival Hot-Press Rag Paper, Matte finish



To order any of these sizes, just contact me through the "Purchase" button at the bottom of this page. For the subject of your message, type "Littil." For the body of the message, copy and paste the option that you choose. If you would like a custom-made print, please describe your specific requirements in the body of the message. Payment is through PayPal or check. International shipping is billed at cost — I will pay for shipping within the continental United States.


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