Zenfolio | Spencer Cox Photography | Framing


I offer all of my prints as framed editions, which also are matted and signed. Frames can range in quality from drugstore plastic to hand-cut wood with museum-quality glass — I choose the latter.


Every frame I use for my prints is of the highest possible quality. For my standard 16x24 inch prints, the frames measure exactly 18.5 by 29.125 inches on the inside, which leaves ample room for a mat and print. The frame itself is made of wood, naturally-textured and painted black.


Both the matting (which sits between the print and the frame) and the mounting (which goes behind the print and keeps it in place) are archival in quality. Also, while cheap frames use plastic to protect the print, I use the highest-quality acrylic glass available: UV-proof (for archivability) and glare-resistant. 


I also want my customers to be able to care for their prints — after all, they are made to last for decades. Included with every print is cleaner and polish for the acrylic, alongside a non-scratch cleaning cloth. I also include fifteen feet of framing wire. 


More than anything, I want buyers to see the work they love, printed perfectly, at the lowest cost possible. I believe that every image worthy of printing should be printed properly — with a mat, with a frame, and with a signature.