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DunesDunesFrom Stokksnes,
Southeast Iceland

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This image is from Stokksnes in Iceland, but there's a catch — I took this photo facing the wrong direction.


At some of the most amazing places in the world, including the Stokksnes mountains, almost everyone takes similar images. This isn't inherently wrong, but it means that many photographers miss out on wonderful, less-obvious compositions. At Stokksnes, for example, is a hidden gem that few people seem to notice: dunes of sand with distant mountains in the background.


The abstract, surreal beauty of such a scene, especially at sunrise, is unmistakable. Although I did photograph the famous Stokksnes mountains, of course, I found this scene (in the opposite direction) to be equally powerful. The morning that I spent at these sand dunes stands as one of my favorite from my trip.


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