Hello! I'm Spencer Cox, and this is my website. The picture above is of me with my drone at Jökulsárlón in Iceland, where I ultimately took this picture.


Before I get into the purpose of this site (Update: New website here: Spencer Cox Photo), I'd like to mention a few things about my photography. Photographers generally specialize in one specific genre of photography, or they don't categorize the photos they take at all. I'm a bit different; I like travel photography tremendously, but that's only feasible when I'm traveling! When I'm at home, I practice macro photography instead, since it's easy to do around my house.


I consider the photos on this website to be high-end, fine-art photos, more about the composition of the photo than the subject matter. I reject a majority of the photos I take, but I am very happy with the photos in my galleries.


The purpose of this site is to have an easy-to-access gallery for people to view and buy my photos, but it's also a place for me to help other photographers with the articles on my blog. The blog is where I describe my best photos, give out some advice, and review camera equipment. This site actually is my second website; the first, middlesilver.com, was impossible to edit how I wanted. I switched to a new hosting site in September of 2014, and I got a new website name along the way.


Now, a bit about me. I'm an eighteen year old student, and I'm planning to major in an engineering field once I start college in 2015. It's hard to juggle school work with this website, but I always try to find time for both. Last week, for example, I stayed awake for four days straight. Okay, that's a lie, but it is true that I am always working on something.


Feel free to contact me with any individual questions, comments, or print orders. I will always respond within 12 hours, assuming I have WiFi, and usually much quicker than that.


I sometimes forget that I have social media, so my posts will be sporadic (at best), but you can follow my work on Instagram or Twitter @spencercoxphoto.


Now, because no introduction is complete without it, I will leave you with a small part of an important quote from the world's most famous photographer:



~Ansel Adams